Water Treatment Plant

Treatment of industrial wastewater is very respectful with the environment

The industrial wastewater treatment plant that currently purifies wastewater from 28 tanning companies in Igualada, has the mission to minimize waste and reduce environmental costs per kilo of leather and to provide know-how about water treatment to the whole cluster.

It is a pioneering plant in Europe in the treatment of industrial wastewater as it uses an innovative biological system to treat water in a very environmentally friendly way.

The water treatment plant, pillar of the Leather Cluster Barcelona’s sustainability policy, has transformed the tanning industry into a more competitive and greener one.

The application of best available technologies, the biological treatment of waste water, and the minimization and reuse of waste, has led in these 20 years to a reduction of 50% in water consumption per unit produced, also a 50% reduction in pollution load.

The water purification and all the improvements implemented throughout the tanning process, mean that today the environmental impact of the tanning industry is minimal.