University education

Higher education in leather and international educational cooperation programs

One of the most important areas where the Leather Cluster Barcelona has invested considerable effort and resources is training professionals in the sector.

University education and technical skills in leather are an added value for young students who seek to develop a professional career at companies from the value chain of the leather industry.

The Leather University is an example of educational cooperation between educational community and business sector, since students perform internships at the leather companies, and they develop at the same time their practical training and research capabilities at the A3 Leather Innovation Center.

University provides  integral and very specific training in the leather world: engineering, master’s and doctorate.

The educational center is of great interest to university students from around the world who want to pursue a career in the leather sector; as well as higher education students specializing in the field of leather, with synergies with all the other elements and agents of the Leather Cluster Barcelona.