Research and Innovation

Research, development and application of new technologies in the leather sector

Betting on the Leather Cluster Barcelona for Research, Development and Innovation has been a certainty since 1962, with a double purpose: the sustainability in the process of treating leather, and the improve in the quality and uniformity of our leather products.

The great effort of work teams from different tanning companies in permanent collaboration with farms, meat industry, chemicals and fashionable leather manufacturers, and the support from the Centre for Research Development and Innovation of Igualada (A3 Leather Innovation Center UdL), has enabled the Leather Cluster Barcelona to be at the forefront of the leather sector, not only in terms of quality and new items but also in productivity.

The R&D A3 Leather Innovation Center UdL, leading international technology partner for the Leather Cluster Barcelona, has been key in the innovation for new products and application of new technologies in the leather sector.