General information

78 companies in the value chain of the leather industry


million euros

of aggregate turnover


Production for export



The Leather Cluster Barcelona is currently a group formed by 78 companies in the value chain of the leather industry. The A3 Leather Innovation Center UdL and the Leather University as centers that provide research, innovation and training in the sector. The tanners’ treatment plant, pioneering plant in Europe in the treatment of industrial waste water. The Leather Museum and Cal Granotes illustrate the history of tanning in Catalonia since the eleventh century, and Adoberia Bella became headquarters of the cluster, as well as the European leather quality interpretation center.

The different agents and companies of the Leather Cluster Barcelona have an aggregate turnover of more than 950 million euros and employ more than 2.600 workers.

The quality of leather tanned in Catalonia is recognized worldwide and today more than 80% of the production is exported.

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