Farms, meat industry, tanneries, chemicals and fashionable leather manufacturers

Tanned leather is a residue from food industry that tanners transform into a product that becomes useful to society. People eat meat  and it is important to recycle its skin as well.

The tanning industry itself is a recycling industry of a by-product of meat industry and skin. They transform skin into a raw material to produce useful articles to society, as well as fashion products, such as leather belts, bags, shoes, wallets, purses, saddles, upholstery for furniture and cars, technological accessories, portfolios, leather suitcases, toilet bags, and other travel articles and stationery.

The tanning process is based on submitting raw skin to chemical and mechanical treatments which allows to stop the process of natural decomposition of the tissue, by using chemicals to stabilize it and give the skin physical properties to make it suitable for uses, such as clothing, footwear, leather goods, furniture, etc.

The Leather Cluster Barcelona represents companies and agents in the value chain of the Catalan leather industry: farms, meat industry, tanneries, chemicals and fashionable leather manufacturers. More than 40 companies belong to the Leather Cluster Barcelona, the reference association in the leather sector.

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